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Wide & Exotic Variety

Our singular focus is on getting the most healthy, farm-fresh greens that are easily accessible. This means that you would not find a bigger range of healthy products elsewhere. Consider this a one-stop shop for all your healthy fruits and vegetables’ needs.

Unmatched quality

Our products are exclusively homegrown, organic, and pass several quality checks.

Best Prices

By eliminating middlemen & use of best technology, we pass on the benefit of best prices to you. Now you do not have to think twice about going healthy, because healthy should not mean expensive.

Complete Convenience

Order online via website or through our mobile app. You can also order through one of our channel partners nearby. Order to checkout within seconds!

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About Greendesk

We started Greendesk in 2016 with a singular mission - “To bring ‘greens’ (farm-fresh produce) closer to your ‘desk’ by connecting farms directly to consumers (office, restaurant, homes), thereby promoting healthy eating within the community”. With this vision, we started catering to leading hotels & restaurants, the biggest consumers of healthy produce. We first started operations in Jaipur. Within a year of operations, we have established a robust reputation among a strong clientele that is benefitting from our healthy produce and unmatched services.

We are now coming to you through our channel partners - your favourite healthy restaurants, hotels, and cafes that you love to eat in and your nearest gyms. We plan to grow to a scale where we can bring parity between prices of healthy, organic produce. With our initiative, soon no one will have to worry about consuming chemical-induced produce that is harmful for our bodies. We are sustainable, organised and responsible with our products and we want our community to get the best of what we have to offer.


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